“Some of you men are wicked and like to see your women suffer” – Man shares his experience

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A Twitter user has replied a Nigerian man who took to the platform to complain that his wife has refused to care for his aged mother.

The man stirred reactions on the micro-blogging platform days ago when he shared a marital issue he is currently going through.

According to him, his wife wants him to abandon his mother who is aged and blind. He noted that he lives abroad, and he invited his mum to stay with his wife and kids so that she can get proper care, but his wife had a problem with his decision.

Reacting to the man’s post another Nigerian man, Ugwunna Ejikem with a counter opinion stated that most Nigerian men are wicked and love to see their women suffer.

He queried the man for asking his aged mother to stay with his wife who already has kids she’s taking care for, when he could have gotten a caregiver instead.

Ejikem went on to share his personal experience of how is elderly grandmother came to live with them and how it was hard for every family member, despite them employing professional caregivers.

He noted that in a short while a number of caregivers left because the job was overwhelming. He asked why a man will expect his wife to be comfortable with single-handedly caring for two young kids and an aged mother.

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