The Cavemen Takes Us On A Spiritual Journey With “Udo”

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Nigerian highlife duo James Benjamin and Kingsley Okorie, popularly known as The Cavemen, recently released the official video to their latest single titled ‘Udo’

‘Udo’ is an Igbo word that literally translates to ‘Peace’. That should give you an idea of what the song is about. 

Known for their masterful storytelling abilities and unique sound, take us on a different journey with Udo, a spiritual one that leads down the path to a peaceful existence. Something our society and country so desperately needs. 

Udo cements the belief, the hope that despite the troubles we experience, there’s a land of harmony and tranquility outside our reality. 

We may not be able to reach this place – not while we are alive physically, but with Udo, The Cavemen take us there. James Benjamin’s harmonious melody, accompanied by his brother’s strong vocals, will immediately transport you to this ethereal place. Even if it’s for just a moment, for as long as the song lasts, you’ll feel its impact. 

The Cavemen create music rooted in culture, ancestry and spirituality. They’ve proven this fact in their last album, “Roots”, where they took us to the origin of their sound. 

The video illustrates the vivid imagination of the artistes. The video director, stayed true to the song’s message by using a monochrome theme. He employed an endless white backdrop to symbolize the heavenly land of peace the music talked about and delivered a visual that amplifies the song’s message.

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