Things to Note On Alexx Ekubo’s Fallout With Fiancee.

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There seems to be trouble in paradise as Alexx Ekubo’s fiancee of many years has unfollowed him amidst breakup rumors. The model also deleted the joint Instagram account that she shared with Alexx known as Fallexx forever.

A few weeks ago, fans and followers of the popular Nollywood actor, fashion model and influencer Alexx Ekubo were elated as the celebrity fashionista posted beautiful engagement pictures of himself and his girlfriend Fancy on their Fallexx Instagram account.

The engagement which took place in Atlanta, USA was the talk of social media for weeks. And Ekubo announced that he couldn’t wait to be married to his fiancee, Fancy Ocholonu who is a model.

We are not yet aware of the reason behind the recent events unfolding between the couple. But we wish them the very best.

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