Tom MacDonald Shares Emotional Message on Girlfriend’s Birthday.

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Canadian-American Rapper Tom MacDonald has written a pretty deep message to is girlfriend Nova Rockerfeller on her birthday.

The couple who have been an ideal definition of a relationship always got fans drooling on their romantic posts but yesterday’s was big different.

Tom MacDonald reminisced about the times they went through sh*t together, how they came out of it stronger than before.

He wrote:

Happy Birthday babe!!! I would have never made it out of the fire if you didn’t help me put the damn thing out.

We’ve been together for YEARS…and I still ask myself every single day – What did I do to deserve this person? And most days, I mean it in a good way.

But for real…you’re too beautiful, talented and caring for this world. I keep expecting aliens to abduct you in the middle of the night and take you back to wherever you came from…’cause they don’t make ‘em like you in this place.

Love ya tons sweetheart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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