UEFA slams European Super League Plans|As Spurs Sacks Mourinho

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Tottenham Hotspurs Sacks ex-chelsea, man utd, real madrid coach Jose Mourinho after the decision was made today by the spurs board committee to relief him of his duties as Head coach.

In the early hours of today Jose mourinho was called in for a meeting by tottenham chairman Daniel Lewy where he was told that his 17 month tenure as coach was over and will now be replaced by club academy staff Ryan mason to take temporary charge.

It was a day in which spurs fans have expressed their dissapointment and angers towards their clubs for accepting the European super League break way venture.

And So many Football players, fans , coaches as fired their clubs for accepting the European super league which will cause more harm than good in the footballing world.

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Also, in the early hours of today, the footballing world as been in total meltdown as clubs and others as agreed for the break through of the super league in modern day football and risks of disorganizing uefa competition and as been branded as a disgrace amongst other words

Below are some of the noted individuals to expressed theirselves;

Hansi Flick : Bayern munich coach told reporters: “I don’t know every single detail, but I support what Bayern Munich said and what Borussia Dortmund said. I don’t think it would be good for European football.”

Joe Blott : chairman of the Spirit of Shankly Liverpool supporters union is quoted saying

Football fans don’t want to watch Liverpool play Real Madrid four times a year,” Blott told the BBC”.

Mesut Ozil : The ex-madrid and arsenal star expressed his word on twitters saying;

“Kids grow up dreaming to win the World Cup and the Champions League – not any Super League,” Ozil said on Twitter”. 

LMA : The League Managers Association, which represents Premier League and English Football League managers also express themselves;

“We believe that any such league would be catastrophically destabilising to the entire European football pyramid, with deep and far-reaching consequences”.

Is the European Super League going to be allowed?

What are the disadvantages of implementing this league?

How will it affect the players and the fans?

Big questions will be asked as we await final decisions in the comings days.