Vicious Fight in BBNaija House as Queen Calls Angel Out for Starving Her.

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The scarcity of food in big brother’s house has the housemates at each other throats.

Queen, one of the new housemates and Angel were gotbinyo a vicious fight in which Queen called Angel a lousy bitch. According to Queen she has not had anything to eat since morning and had been feeding on cornflakes, since there is no food in the house. So she approached Pere the head of house who told her to meet Angel.

Angel told her that she has not been able to cook because of the tasks, although she was left in charge of the kitchen, and that if Queen wants food she should come and cook for herself.

That was when I called her a bitch, Queen confirmed. And for several minutes, they lashed at each other with insults and name calling.

Biggie needs to bring food to the house soon, otherwise the housemates will soon tear each other apart because of hunger.

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