View Housemates Reactions After Wildcards Were Revealed to Them.

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The big Brother Naija season six has taken an absolutely unexpected turn after the housemates could not unmask the Wildcards therefore the Wildcards are to continue in the house as housemates.

The show had previously revealed to the fans that Maria and Pere were the Wildcards but the other housemates had no idea as they moved on with the task of unmasking the Wildcards.

Today, the votes were cast and each housemate had to pick who she or he thought the Wildcards were with majority of the Housemates picking out Liquorose and Jaypaul as their alleged Wildcards.

Although after the whole charade, as Biggie revealed the identity of the Wildcards, the expressions of the Housemates were priceless.

With Peace seemingly being the most disappointed as she had toiled the hardest to unmask the Wildcards.

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