View Tom McDonald’s Mom’s Reaction as His Latest Song Hits No. 1!!

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American-Canadian Rapper, Tom MacDonald has revealed his mom’s reaction after she discovered that his latest track “WITHDRAWALS” hit number 1 spot after just a few days from its release.

He shared a screenshot image of the Text message his mom sent him saying WE DID IT!!

Tom MacDonald has stormed the Music Scene with his plain language rap where he spits controversies and conspiracy theories making himself untouchable in the Industry.

His back to back hit songs have cemented his place in his fans’ playlists urging him to do more, feed more.

He wrote on his Facebook:

WE DID IT!!! My Mamma just texted to let me know we’re #1!

This is so special to me. A song about mental illness & addictions just beat out 5 SONGS from some of the biggest artists in the industry. This is PROOF that people still have an appetite for songs that aren’t all about money, clothes, cars, girls and parties.

I can’t even tell y’all how much this means to me. This song is SO many of our stories. SO many of us battle addiction. SO many of us fight for our mental health. If this song going #1 and getting so much popularity means anything…it means that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR STRUGGLE.

There are so many soldiers in the trenches with you…that a song about the war you’re waging is the #1 song in the country. FIND COMFORT IN THAT!!!

I love you all so much. Thank you ❤️??

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