“We Are Too Dependent On Whitemoney” Tega Takes Sides With Pere.

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Tega has agreed with Pete’s decision to stop Whitemoney from cooking for the other housemates. Tega a big brother naija housemate agreed with Pete’s decision because according to her, the other housemates are too dependent on Whitemoney’s cooking.

Pere upon becoming the head of house on Sunday told Whitemoney to stop cooking the meals for the rest of the housemates. Instead, he feels that the task should be shared by all the housemates.

Viewers however feel that Pere is only doing that because he doesn’t want Whitemoney to gain the housemates favour by cooking for them.

Since they entered the house, all the shine ya eye Housemates have been eating the meals prepared by Whitemoney, and he has turned the kitchen into his personal domain.

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