“We Won’t ID The Wildcards Unless a Miracle Happens” Jackie B Wails.

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“We Cant ID The Wildcards Unless a Miracle Happens” Jackie B Cries Out.

Big Brother Naija SHINE YA EYE Edition housemate, Jackie B has given up hopes on identifying the Wildcards in the house, stating that unless a miracle happens, it would not be possible to find them.

The housemates were told upon their introduction that they had to identify the fake housemates or Wildcards among them within a week for the Wildcards to be removed from the house or they would stay on till the end as regular housemates.

Although most of the Housemates are bent on identifying the impostors, it is proving to be a big problem.

Earlier on, during today’s diary sessions, Pere and Maria opted out as the Wildcards.

Although the fans have been told the truth, the other housemates are still in the dark

Will they find out?

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