“We’re Not In A Relationship”, Boma Clears Queen.

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Boma one of the shine ya eye Housemates has told his fellow housemate Queen to stop trying to control him seeing as they’re not in a relationship together.

During the party yesterday, Boma was dancing with some of the other housemates when Queen came over and dragged him away from the dancefloor, this didn’t go down well with Boma and he told her that he didn’t like it

We’re not in a relationship, so you’ve got to stop acting like we are

 Boma went ahead to tell her that they’re in the house to play the game, but other housemates are already beginning to think they’re in a relationship and he doesn’t like that.

Queen insisted that that was not her intention, but Boma was adamant.

 “You can’t be trying to stop me from spending time with the other girls in the house, I don’t belong to you”

 Boma told her.

A lot of ships have sailed in the house over the past weeks, although the viewers can’t be sure which ships will stand the test of time and pressure from the rigours of the game.

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