What, My Wife, Did After ,I Lost ,My Job

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I was working with a company in port harcourt and I can boldly say I was very okay, taking flight is not an issue.

When she wanted to give birth to our first child, it was through CS and I paid every damn bill amounting to 500k or so.

We moved down to ogun state and i was taking flights monthly to see her from port harcourt.

Fast forward to 2020, the company fold up and i lost my job, i came down to Ogun fully with my wife and everything went down, feeding was hard and my savings is drying up.

You know how women do and how to satisfy them so my savings eventually dried up, and the reality was down.

She applied for a teaching job at govt school and she got employed and i was always at home.

Do she was supportive, but it didn’t took long when she changed and started treating me badly.

I was so sad the day she utter all terrible words to me, on how have not been a good husband and how i have not been dropping money for food and co.

how i have not been taking care of her, i almost moved to tears and i refused to eat her food for some period, i was being supported by a street friend.

How can someone you have sacrificed so much for all of a sudden change and bring out their true colour.

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