“You Should Try Turkey” Maria Advices Peace On Best Butt Surgery Options

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BBNaija housemates Maria and Peace earlier today had a very candid conversation where Peace revealed that she is contemplating having plastic surgery to increase her backside.

Maria, encouraged her and even went as far as giving helpful suggestions to her so as to ensure she doesn’t end up with a botched surgery.

Maria said:

Its okay to do surgery, however ensure it’s done by the best doctors so you don’t end up with a square butt

She advised Peace to try Turkey, Lebanon but also added that to get Botox injections in America is really expensive.

The UK based realtor herself has a very healthy bum and although she hasn’t expressly confirmed it, with her extensive knowledge of butt surgery options, one begins to wonder if she went under the knife also.

Although her week started off rocky because she was nominated but she seems to have bounced back and is back to her usual bubbly self.

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