“You Singlehandedly Nominated 5 Housemates” Boma Blasts Maria.

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Big brother’s house has been tense since the nomination show on Monday where five housemates including former head of house Maria, Pere, Cross, Queen, Sammie were nominated for possible eviction by their fellow housemates.

Maria has not been taking her nomination so well and has tagged all the housemates fake. She also threw a tantrum when the current Head of House Liquorose invited her to watch a movie in the executive lounge, claiming that she does not want to hang around people she doesn’t want to hang around.

Yesterday, Boma her former deputy head of house was not having any of it and in a conversation with Emmanuel, he said he doesn’t like the negative vibes Maria is exuding, because she herself nominated 5 people and 3 of them were evicted.

He added that she should comport herself.

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